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Any doubts when choosing a medicine? There is no opportunity to get a consultation with a pharmacist but the medicine is urgently needed? The visitors of Babcock Pharmacy website can get online pharmacist consultation. Just ask your question in the chat window. If you ask the question after working hours – write a question and leave your contact information (phone or email). The pharmacist will answer you!

A pharmacist is a person who specializes in the manufacture, research and sale of medicines.

When is the advice of a pharmacist necessary?

  • You do not have the opportunity or time to make an appointment with a doctor and ask him a question;
  • You forgot to clarify the dosage of the drug and have no time to go to the pharmacy to clarify everything;
  • You are worried about contraindications to medication. Of course, there are instructions, but still, you want to hear the opinion of a specialist;
  • The doctor prescribed medication but it was not cheap. You need a quality generic;
  • Your problem is too delicate or seems insignificant for a personal visit to the doctor.

Here you can find answers to the most frequent questions:

  • At what age can you take the medicine?
  • What is the composition?
  • Is this or that drug effective?
  • Generic or originals?
  • What are the most common treatment schemes for a particular disease?

Use the paid or free expert advice on our website, without queuing, in emergency mode. The free consultation service of a pharmacist is available daily for you at any time.