Our Pharmacy Assortment

The main goal of Babcock Pharmacy is to enable each person to strengthen and maintain health, as well as to improve the quality of life using modern medicines and drugs. Internet pharmacy “NORMA Plus” also boasts a high-quality and prompt service. Quality always comes first when it comes to human health. We work only with reliable, time-tested suppliers who will never risk the name and the reputation for the sake of quick money. All medications in our online pharmacy are certified.

In addition, quality is also strict compliance with the requirements for storage conditions of medicines and medical products. Therefore, all drugs and drugs in our pharmacy are stored at the appropriate temperature and humidity. For products that require storage at low temperatures, professional refrigeration equipment has been installed.Wide Range of Assortment

This online pharmacy guarantees high-quality medications, a wide range of drugs and one of the lowest prices on the pharmaceutical market. There are more than 2500 medications, convenient search and round-the-clock processing of orders on our website.

Our online pharmacy is a service that will provide an opportunity to order the necessary drugs and other goods without leaving your home. To do this, it is enough to issue a corresponding request online around the clock or contact us during business hours over the phone.

Through Bay Pharmacy, every customer will save not only money but also time. You do not have to drive around the city in search of cheaper drugs, knock down the thresholds of numerous pharmacies, stand in lines, especially when there is an epidemic of influenza, measles, etc. in the city. In addition, you do not need to hurry with the choice, you can choose the medicine within as much time as you need. No one will rush you when buying online.

We care about your health and are always ready to provide professional advice on the choice of medications, medical supplies and surgicals, which are presented on our website. We would also like to draw your attention that purchased drugs are not subject to exchange and return.