FAQs about Generics

What are generics?

A generic is a copy-drug, which coincides with the original by the strength of the active substance and its effect on the body.

When a new medication is invented, it is studied and tested for a long time, and then a patent is filed. When the term of the patent ends, other companies can also produce similar drugs – generics. But there are countries in which the rights of patent holders are often violated about intellectual property issues in the drug market, and generics are registered and sold before the patent for the original medicine expires.Some Facts about Generics

Why do people prefer generics?

People prefer generics because they are much cheaper. Before they patent a new medicine, manufacturers spend huge amounts of money on its development and testing, and this affects the final cost. The registration procedure for generics is much easier and faster. This is the explanation to their low cost. Babcock Pharmacy cooperates with reliable generics’ manufacturers which distribute high-quality products.

What about the effectiveness of generics?

2012 showed that 2 out of 4 generic drugs comply with the original safety and effectiveness.

And in 2013, it turned out that due to reduced effectiveness, generics can increase the duration of treatment or not give any result. On the other hand, if you increase the dose of the medication to speed up the treatment, you can cause negative effects.

The real lottery turns out: some generics are as effective and safe as the originals, while others can prolong the treatment and cause side effects.

Why can generics be less effective?

The effectiveness of the drug is influenced by many factors, including the degree of purification of the active substance and additional components that may contain generics. If a company buys a cheap active ingredient, the generic may not be effective enough. Additional components can cause allergies or side effects.

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Should generics be used?

Given the share of generics in the Russian market, we can say that we have ever been treated with such drugs and there is nothing wrong with that. Generics make treatment affordable for a person with any level of income providing a therapeutic effect and relative safety.

Writing a prescription, the doctor indicates the name of the active substance, so you can choose a specific generic or original drug by yourself. Often the doctor advises a proven generic, in which case it is better to use it. If the drug provides side effects, you should consult your doctor: perhaps he will prescribe a more expensive generic or original medicine.